National Spork LLC Privacy Policy

National Spork does not track you or sell your information.

We do not use analytics or other tracking software in our apps or on our website. There is a small exception: this web server logs standard stuff like URL requests and IP addresses, which is helpful for security.

A few of our older apps use the Google Ads framework. Google definitely collects some kind of data about you. We don’t know what data, and we don’t have access to it.

Your operating system or game store probably collects data about how you use our apps. It might track how long you spend in the app, how often you launch it, whether it crashes, and more. We generally can’t turn off this type of data collection. This kind of data is usually anonymized.

We can identify you as an individual if you choose to email us. But this is generally temporary, because bug report and feature suggestion emails are deleted as soon as they are answered.

We may have to update this policy from time to time, but you won’t be notified, because we don’t know how to contact you.