Hazmat Hijinks
What’s New in 3.0

Help System

The new Help button on the title screen gives players access to hint and solution videos. With this assistance, players can often figure out the answer on their own, or just see the solution and move on to the next challenge. The game is more accessible to more players without compromising its artistic vision.

Incredible New Secrets and Easter Eggs

Hanford has some fun new secret items and abilities. And just for fun, there are many more mind-bending easter eggs hidden in the game.

New Levels

The game has even more variety with a handful of exciting new levels.

More Polished

Nearly every level has been tweaked in either major or minor ways. The more challenging levels are easier to understand but retain the same solutions. Opportunities to break levels have been eliminated. The simplicity and beauty of the solutions comes through better than ever. Hardly a level in the game has been unpolished.

Predictive Controls

The directional pad on iOS now uses a predictive algorithm to reduce accidental presses. With greater precision approaching a real physical gamepad, you’ll experience fewer inadvertent steps into chemicals and fire.

Record Times for Secrets

Now you can replay secret levels and try for better times. Also, your total game play time, not just the total of your best times, is recorded.