Hazmat Hijinks
About the Game

Hanford’s pet fox has been kidnapped by the Cleaners! In Tod Powers’ new tile-based game you’ll need multicolored hazmat suits for protection as you traverse chemical spills, walk through radiation, dodge giant viruses, and battle the Cleaners in your quest to rescue Hanford’s fox.

Hazmat Hijinks is an ode to the joy of discovery. Every level has something new and surprising. There are dozens of secrets and easter eggs, as well as a special puzzle that can only be completed in the real world. With 96 challenges to complete, you’ll enjoy 24 hours or more of puzzling play!

The game is available now on the Mac App Store, iOS App Store, and Windows via Steam. If you want a game that respects your intelligence, will keep you thinking for hours, and has awesome retro graphics and music, download Hazmat Hijinks today.

Check out the eight page magazine with maps, hints, and info to get you started!

Need help? Watch hint and solution videos for every level in the game.

See what's new in version 3.0.